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My whole concept of God was founded upon avoiding surrender – knowing god meant that I could hold everyone else accountable to my standard of him and demand everyone’s surrender, except my own. But now I know God in a very different form, I don’t just know him, I feel him. What I know about Read More

The Moon strongly influences nature but we know very little about how it influences human nature. Could it be linked to our cycles of depression? Does the Full Moon really have magickal powers? Is the Moon somehow linked to the subconscious mind? This post, along with it’s companion video, will reveal the spiritual undertones behind Read More

Life is like being a child who’s lost at a carnival. We marvel at the buzzing lights and sounds around us. On the surface, it feels like the fanfare before is us is it, the real deal. We have fun for a while playing the different games, but eventually we realize there’s something plastic about Read More

I sat down to my desk this morning with an obligation hanging over my head. A conviction for movement towards some elusive goal that I didn’t know how to attack. I knew my goal was to write but didn’t have a clear picture of what to say. I’ve sat down with these intentions several times Read More