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The Moon strongly influences nature but we know very little about how it influences human nature. Could it be linked to our cycles of depression? Does the Full Moon really have magickal powers? Is the Moon somehow linked to the subconscious mind? This post, along with it’s companion video, will reveal the spiritual undertones behind Read More

“I don’t know how to explain it, but I know it’s true. It’s what I believe deep down to be the nature behind the reality of things, it simply vibrates with me on a level I can’t explain”… Where does your mind go when someone asks, “what do you believe”? Do you think about your religion? Read More

Why are some days bring depression and others a sense of supreme victory? Let this question steep into your mind because the answer lies close to it. Pain is an inward decision about exterior circumstances. When we truly understand the source of pain and its roots, we find victory, the landscape of our mind shifts Read More